Racing Gear Gown


This is a double layered silk-viscose jersey dress with a racing gear tromple l’oeil effect all over. It features, technic texture fabric, zippers, reflective ornaments, etc. Each one is processed specifically to the clients measurements.

You can describe by the comments any pattern-shape modification you want to get developed for no extra cost.

Price includes worldwide shipping.


Super-strappy neckline design with adjustable cord straps for perfect breast-placement and hip hugging. Personalized product developed to your exact measurements in Studio. Lenght is ankle/floor reaching. Outside is silk-viscose jersey, lining is a mixture or elastane and cotton jersey and strap cords are nylon.

All fabric production and textile printed-sublimation are developed in Catalunya, Spain. Each cutting and dressmaking is made in Studio in Barcelona.

Sublimation coloring doesn’t need ink neither water to be produced. There is no material or chemical residue from this technique, only energetic cost. Since is all developed in the same area in Spain, our Carbon footprint due to transport is minimum.

The stretching rate of our silk-jersey is more than 50%. Meaning garments are developed 1inch smaller than your actual measurements in order to achieve a second skin fitting effect, still keeping comfortable and adaptable. No see-through at all.

Recommended cold machine wash, short programming, garment turn inside-out, and possibly put into a pillow cover in order to not get the straps stuck in any holes by the mechanism.

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